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Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn Maintenance A well-manicured lawn can make a home or commercial property look attractive and inviting. Maintaining a lawn requires regular care, including mowing, watering, fertilizing and weed control.

The key to a healthy, thick lawn is consistent mowing at the right height for your grass type. Mowing too short is a big mistake and may damage the grass or leave clippings that are susceptible to fungus, pests and disease.

Watering your lawn deeply and consistently can also benefit the health of your grass. It can encourage deep roots, making it a tougher and more drought-resistant surface.

Soil aeration is another critical step to maintaining a lawn. Core aeration, which removes plugs of soil from the grass roots, can loosen compacted soil to help your grass thrive.

Fall Feeding and Raking
A fall lawn feed is a great way to give your turf the nutrients it needs for a strong push in the spring. It is best to follow a fall lawn feed with a second application 6-8 weeks later.

Removing fallen leaves is also a good practice, as these leaves can cause various diseases and pests to invade your lawn. Blowing away any grass cuttings is also a routine part of a standard lawn maintenance package.

Insect Treatments
Many lawn services will treat all of their client’s lawns with insecticides when harmful insects are likely to be present. They do this to discourage infestations and minimize the need for frequent visits.

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