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Lawn Maintenance – A Step in the Right Direction

Lawn Maintenance
A lawn’s green appearance is a result of a combination of factors that include soil health, fertilization, deep root feeding, and pest control. A professional Lawn Maintenance service can help you develop a program that will promote healthy growth and a lush, green lawn year after year.

Lawn Maintenance: A Step in the Right Direction
The most important thing to remember about lawn maintenance is that it’s not just about mowing. A quality landscaping provider will also consider the shape of your lawn and suggest the color and species of plants to be planted for a more balanced look.

Summer: Mow regularly and maintain a height of 3 inches or higher. This ensures your grass gets the proper amount of water and nutrients needed to survive hot, dry conditions.

During the summer, you may want to aerate your lawn, removing plugs of soil that are blocking air and water from reaching the grass roots. This helps to keep the lawn healthy and thriving and makes it easier for grass to establish new root systems.

Fall: In early fall, you can fertilize your lawn to help it recover from the stresses of the summer and develop strong roots for winter. It’s also a good time to apply pre-emergent herbicides for any weeds that were able to germinate during the summer, as well as to check for any that might have been missed during the growing season.

The cost of lawn care varies based on several factors including geography, the type of grass, and the size of your property. Some services are billed at an hourly rate, while others will charge extra for travel and equipment costs.

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