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Heady Glass

Heady Glass is one of the most artistic forms of glass available. These beautiful, intricate pieces are crafted by talented artists who take a lot of time and patience to hand blow them.

They are typically one of a kind, unique pieces that are not readily available at your local smoke shop or dispensary. They can also be quite expensive based on the skill involved in the design and rarity of the materials used to make them.

The term ‘Heady Glass’ was coined in the 1990s to denote pipes that emphasize aesthetic and artistic skill over functionality – sometimes called “scientific glass.” Today, these two distinct categories have come together and are increasingly intertwined as smoking devices and accessories prioritize function without losing any attention to aesthetics.

Artists use different types of decoration methods to embellish their heady glass pieces, combining traditional glass fuming and sculpture techniques with modern color bars, powders, frits and more. They then rotate their piece through the glory hole several times to fully blend these substances into the glass.

Depending on the design, these pieces can range from psychedelic swirls to animals and more! Some artists even incorporate UV reactive colors, glow in the dark frits or crushed opal tubing into their glass.

They’re generally a bit more expensive than their scientific counterparts, but the quality of glass is important as well. Low-quality glass is more likely to break, but a heady piece made from high-quality glass can be a great investment for anyone looking to add some character to their smoke session.

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