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Heady Glass – A Mind Expanding Conversation Starter

Heady Glass – A Mind Expanding Conversation Starter
If you’re a fan of blazing flowers and want to take your smoking experience to the next level, Heady Glass is the pipe for you. With its unique style, artistic flair and bold designs, a heady glass piece is sure to spark conversation.

How it’s Made
In its most basic form, heady glass begins when artists heat up a rod of borosilicate glass in a furnace and rotate it slowly with one hand on the bench. They may repeat this process multiple times to shape the glass into various elaborate formations, allowing the artist to express their creative side.

Once the artists are satisfied with the shape and color of their glass, they transfer it to another steel pipe, known as a punty. This allows them to further craft their creation, adding more clear glass and varying their color palette as the piece develops.

Creating a heady piece of glass is a complex, labor intensive process. A skilled glass blower can spend a number of days to create a single piece.

Heady glass is often made by a solo artist or an art collaboration, producing one-of-a-kind pieces for collectors and fans. Because the time and effort required to produce each piece of heady glass is extensive, a single artist is often able to afford to make only a few of these masterpieces.

The price of these pieces ranges significantly, with some costing thousands of dollars. Heady art is typically more expensive than imported glass, as it requires a lot of skill and materials.

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