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Buying a Vintage Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster, or Speedy as it is also known, is one of the most famous chronographs in the world. First released in 1957, the Speedmaster is a chronograph watch that has remained in production for over five decades. Its classic Moonwatch design is still popular with collectors today. If you want to buy a vintage omega speedmaster, there are plenty to choose from, including both men’s and women’s models. In fact, there are many special editions, making the Omega Speedmaster a desirable timepiece.

When you purchase a vintage Omega Speedmaster, you get the opportunity to own a piece of history, as it was the first watch worn on the moon. While the watch did not originally have a purpose to serve astronauts in space, it was nonetheless tested by NASA and is considered the most reliable timepiece to use for space travel.

The first Omega Speedmaster ref: CK2915 was launched in 1957, alongside the Seamaster 300 ref: CK2913. These two watches were the only ones to pass the tests of NASA. They are the first of four chronographs to be produced by Omega. During this time, the case backs were also decorated with an inscription that featured the word “Speedmaster”. There were a variety of other bezel and dial designs, but these were the most common.

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After the Omega Speedmaster ref: CK2915, the series continued with models that came with the Omega Automatic Speedmaster Mark III. This was a chronograph movement that was jointly designed by Omega and Lemania. Unlike earlier models, the Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark III had a different layout, featuring the Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark III letters on the upper right corner of the dial.

Since then, the Omega Speedmaster has gone through several variations. Some examples include the Omega Speedmaster Professional, the Omega Seamaster, the Omega Constellation and the Omega De Ville. However, the classic manually-wound Speedmaster Moonwatch remains one of the most popular watches of all time.

Omega Speedmasters are available in a wide variety of materials. Some are made of stainless steel, while others are constructed of aluminium or gold. While these models are relatively inexpensive, they are also available for the higher end. Depending on the material used, these watches are priced from around $6000 to $14,000.

As one of the most recognizable chronographs, the Omega Speedmaster has received a number of special editions. One of the more notable is the X-33 Speedmaster. This watch was only produced in limited editions. Another is the Dark side of the Moon Speedmaster.

Whether you are looking for a vintage or contemporary Omega Speedmaster, 1stDibs has a large selection for you to choose from. Most of the watches are in excellent condition and can be purchased for under $5,000. With a guarantee of authenticity on all listings, eBay is a great place to purchase a watch. A blue checkmark on the listing indicates that it is authentic.

Omega has been producing watch collections for over 60 years, and the Speedmaster is no exception. Many fans of the Omega brand are familiar with the brand’s association with space travel, as the Omega Speedmaster was the only watch that passed the rigorous testing that NASA required for its astronauts.

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