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Opening a Dog Day Care

A dog day care is a short-term, daytime service for dogs. The service is a lot like regular daycare for children, but exclusively for canines. The dog sitter comes to the dog owner’s home. Dogs can spend the whole day in a supervised environment while the owner is away from home.

Before opening a  dog daycare louisville,ky, be sure that your premises are licensed and meet local regulations. It’s also important to have ample indoor and outdoor space for your dog daycare facility. You will also need kennels, food bowls, water bowls, leashes, and cleaning supplies for the dogs. It’s also a good idea to have space for expansion so you can service more customers.

Getting the right staff is critical to the success of your dog day care. You need people who love animals, are responsible, and have patience. You may even want to hire certified dog trainers or people who have experience working with animals. In the beginning, it may be difficult to find the right people. But as you get more satisfied customers, you can start your daycare business with the right staff.

High-energy dogs require mental and physical exercise to stay healthy. They are usually more active than the average dog and are happy to play vigorous games of fetch. In addition, they enjoy jogging and tug of war. Huskies and German shepherds were bred to herd, so they crave vigorous activities and prolonged periods of activity.

The staff at a dog daycare should be familiar with the dog’s body language and be able to handle a variety of situations. During the day, the staff should know the dog’s behavior and how it interacts with other dogs. You can also ask them how they handle positive reinforcement training.

Dog daycare owners must also have the appropriate insurance protection. Insurance is important because it can cover expensive expenses. Some dog daycare owners opt for business insurance while others opt for pet insurance. Regardless of the type of insurance you decide on, you should check your state’s requirements. Also, check local regulations and laws. Some cities have special requirements for opening a business for animals, so you should check with a lawyer before registering.

Dog daycares are not for every dog, however. Some dogs are not good social animals and do not do well in a daycare environment. They may become stressed and overstimulated. Some dogs may become irritable, get into fights, or spend the entire day staring at a wall.

While setting up a dog day care is a challenging undertaking, it can be a rewarding experience. In a few short years, you could have your first paying client!


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